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The Future is Contextual: 10 Key Findings and Insights from the 2024 Duo Trusted Access Report

What you'll learn:

  • Our top findings from over 16 billion authentications across 58 million endpoints
  • How contextual insights can drive actionable identity and access security
  • Demo of Duo features you can use now to secure your organization

In a world where data is king, and context is key, strong access management does not just continue to strengthen corporate security—it reshapes it. Today’s more sophisticated threats call for additional layers of security: not just phishing-resistant MFA, but also device trust, reactive policies, and threat detection.

Finding it hard to predict the future? We’ve got you. Diving into new data from the 2024 Duo Trusted Access Report, join us in analyzing how historical patterns provide insights into future possibilities. Learn how to navigate complexity with context and find simpler solutions to secure the identity perimeter, achieve security readiness, and strive for zero trust.

Presenter Info

Katherine Yang, Cisco Duo Product Marketing Manager

A writer on the 2024 Duo Trusted Access Report, Kat is a Duo product marketer specializing in international markets. She strives to connect decision-making with data and advocate for simple yet effective cybersecurity practices that work for everyone. Although currently based out of NYC, her heart still resides in Michigan (Go Blue!).

Mike Rotar, Cisco Duo Product Marketing Manager

Mike is a Product Marketing Manager for Cisco Duo. He has been working in the identity and access management space since 2011, handling a wide variety of roles, including IT management, IT consulting/solutions architect, competitive intelligence, and now product marketing.