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From VPN to VPN-less: Modernizing Secure Remote Access

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why using a VPN-less approach enhances security while minimizing user friction
  • How the Duo Network Gateway helps organizations adopt a zero-trust security model for workforce access to internal apps or servers
  • The latest updates added to improve your Duo Network Gateway, with a live demo

The industry has seen an exponential growth in remote work, forcing many organizations to accelerate their secure remote access strategy. Many have relied exclusively on VPNs to enable employee access to corporate resources. While effective, it is important to consider that shifting to remote work requires more flexible device policies to allow access to corporate apps and data from BYOD/unmanaged devices. Securing these resources means companies need greater visibility into user behavior and device posture, and the ability to enforce granular, application-specific policies to reduce the risk of data compromise. Adopting a zero-trust security strategy for remote access to internal resources can address this need, and Duo Security is ready to help.

The Duo Network Gateway is a remote access proxy that already helps thousands of organizations provide seamless, secure access to internal resources whether they are hosted in the cloud or on-premises -- all without the need for a VPN. While certain companies will adopt a VPN-less solution from the onset, others will take a hybrid approach, using both VPN and VPN-less solution depending on the requirements of a use case. What’s the right balance for your business?

Join Duo Security Sr. Product Marketing Manager Seema Kathuria for an update on your options for managing remote access, with or without a VPN, as well as the latest enhancements to the Duo Network Gateway and how they benefit you.

Presenter Info

Seema Kathuria

Seema has 15+ years' experience marketing cybersecurity solutions, holds a computer engineering degree and is based in the Bay Area in California.