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Why Are We Stuck in Groundhog Day When it Comes to Compromised Credentials?

In this session, we will discuss:

  • The trends behind compromised credentials
  • Insights into the advanced authentication technologies that are reshaping the security landscape
  • Tips on how you can create a user-friendly security ecosystem for any organization.

At this point, the fact that 80% of breaches can be traced back to compromised credentials seems to be a security industry constant. It’s like the speed of light. Year in, year out – it holds steady. But things have changed over time — there have been advances in authentication technology from stricter forms of MFA to federation to passkeys. Some of these advances are difficult to understand, but at Duo, we aim to make security simple. From small start-ups to large enterprises, our user-friendly security protects every click, every connection, every time. We’ve got you.

In this session, we’ll dive into the trends behind the compromised credentials statistic – and discuss a new paradigm to address this common identity-based threat.

Presenter Info

Ted Kietzman, Product Marketing Manager, Cisco Duo

Ted researches trends in the cybersecurity industry with a focus on identity and access management. He has particular interest in the adoption of passwordless authentication and identity threat detection and response. He has experience working for both large cyber companies and small startups. He has an MBA from Emory University and a Bachelor's Degree in Physics from Bowdoin College.