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The Challenge

Aha! is the new way to build brilliant product strategy and visual roadmaps for product managers and engineers that want to build software that matters. The company is growing fast and wanted a convenient way for customers to further secure how their end users were accessing Aha!, which is a cloud-based service.

Relying on passwords alone for security can fail to protect against theft.

According to the Aha! blog, basing security on forced password changes or complexity only encourages users to write passwords down; failing to protect them against theft. Security-conscious customers were looking for an effective, layered security solution that could protect their end users from the bad guys (as well as bad security habits), while still allowing them to access Aha! with ease.

The Solution

Aha! turned to Duo Security for a two-factor authentication solution that improves the security of user accounts by adding another level of protection to the login process.

By requiring verification via something users have (a mobile device, such as a smartphone) in addition to something they know (username/password), Duo’s two-factor makes it difficult for attackers to use stolen logins to gain access to confidential accounts and information.

Aha! chose Duo Security after considering building their own two-factor authentication solution from scratch as well as evaluating competitive two-factor authentication and Single-Sign On products. In the end, Aha! CTO, Dr. Chris Waters, said he was sold on Duo by the elegance of the user experience and the ease of integration.

We put our customer's experience above all else and Duo Security was the obvious choice when it came to adding enhanced security without compromising the joy of using Aha! — Dr. Chris Waters, CTO, Aha!

Easy integration and simple configuration for both admins and end users.

Aha! is leveraging Duo Security’s Web SDK to allow interested customers to add two-factor authentication at no additional cost. Customers can easily extend their existing Duo Security deployment or sign up for an account (free for up to 10 users). As with any other Duo integration, user self-enrollment and all authentication methods like Duo Push and SMS passcodes are supported.

User configuration is so simple, Aha! provides a step-by-step user guide with screenshots for users to set up their own two-factor authentication. The instructions are publicly available at Two-factor authentication (2FA) user set up.

With Duo Security, Aha! found a convenient way for customers to enhance their end user security with no hassle.

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