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Business Challenges

When Arraya Solutions, a managed service provider (MSP), created their cybersecurity division two years ago they sought to find a best in class multi-factor authentication (MFA) vendor that would eliminate the barriers of entry inherent with some vendors’ MSP programs.

Arraya was looking for an MFA vendor that scaled with their clients’ growth and offered an on-demand pricing model.

Arraya had used competing products, but found them to be complicated with a poor user experience. “Other solutions generated a ton of help desk tickets. We wanted to find a new solution that was easier for clients to self-enroll, offered a better end-user experience, and would be able to integrate with all applications,” said Tom Clerici, Director, Arraya Solutions Cyber Security Practice.

Technical Challenges

As an MSP Arraya needed to find an MFA solution that lowered their total cost of ownership by making it easy for admins to integrate with all applications. Arraya is a large Cisco, VMware and Microsoft shop and it was important that Duo easily integrate with solutions such as Cisco AnyConnect, Cisco ASA, Cisco Firepower Threat Defense, Virtual Desktops, Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft Office 365.

Arraya serves customers of all sizes in all industries. They also needed an MFA solution that integrates with all apps regardless of whether they’re on-premises or in the cloud.

The Solution

Arraya found that Duo’s MSP offering satisfied all of their needs and did so in a convenient, easy program built to scale with Arraya and its clients.

“I was blown away with the simplicity of Duo’s MSP program. They removed all the upfront expenses and commitments that prohibit newer MSP’s from partnering with a vendor. ...Duo’s product is so easy to use that it didn’t require a large engineering investment to get up to speed. Once we selected Duo we signed the contract, our portal was quickly set up and we were up and running. It really was that simple,” said Clerici. "There's substantial value in a program that allows us to scale at our own pace without minimums or commitments. Duo's pricing model allows us to demonstrate Duo's capabilities to our clients and then seamlessly scale to full deployment.”

With Duo, Arraya gets very few calls into their helpdesk related to supporting Duo. “It just works,” Clerici noted, adding that speed to execution was critical for Arraya. “Other solutions were more complicated, it was painful integrating with many apps, and personally, I spent a lot of time just navigating the complexity of competing products," he added.

And Duo’s ability to integrate with Arraya’s and their clients’ critical business applications, whether they’re on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid mix empowers Arraya to deliver a stellar experience for its clients while also improving their speed to security.

“Duo easily integrated with our core Cisco and Microsoft apps as well as some apps that our customers use, such as Citrix NetScaler, VMware View, Microsoft Intune, AirWatch, Palo Alto, SonicWall, and Juniper to name a few. The ease of integration and speed to security has enabled Arraya to provide our clients with the best security controls with a great end-user experience.“

Whether it is for clients in heavily regulated industries that require MFA, such as Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail and the Federal Government, or used as a pillar of a sound cybersecurity program, Arraya Solutions relies on Duo MFA to keep all of their clients’ applications secure. And Duo sets the standard for vendor partners with an MSP offering that easy and clear.

“Duo’s simplistic, straightforward approach makes them very easy to partner with. They removed all the unnecessary barriers and made it easy for us to help protect our clients,” said Clerici. “Duo has worked so well that we now require it with all firewall and VPN deals that we do."

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