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Education Security

Securing Higher Education

Protect your student, staff and faculty logins and data with Duo’s advanced two-factor authentication and endpoint security solutions.

Higher Ed Security

Student and employee portals allow for convenient remote access, from anywhere, anytime, but they’re also convenient for malicious hackers.

Duo supports accredited U.S.-based institutions through InCommon and Internet2’s NET+ program, allowing universities to deploy our security solutions broadly and cost-effectively.

Unlimited Applications

Adding two-factor authentication with new applications doesn’t cost extra - scale to integrate with an unlimited amount of on-premises, cloud and custom apps.

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Easy for End Users

Duo makes it easy for students and staff to get access to data and systems without frustrating them or slowing them down - Duo Push is intuitive to use, and takes just seconds to log in.

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DIY Deployment

There’s no need for costly external engagement or consulting fees. Duo gives you everything you need to get up and running in minutes.

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Flexible Methods

A large and diverse user base requires many different authentication methods. Duo provides push notifications, SMS passcodes, hardware tokens, and more to fit every need.

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Two-Factor Authentication Evaluation Guide

Download this guide to learn about the five criteria to use to evaluate two-factor authentication technologies and vendors.

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