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Sketches of voluminous beards like the ones seen at Black Hat.
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The Best Beards of Black Hat (and DEF CON)

Every year, the Blackhat and DEF CON crowds bring a gloriously hirsute parade to the desert of Las Vegas, to an otherwise over-tanned and glossy populace.

We at Duo are fans of the beard, and wanted to share a few of our favorites from the conferences. Because afterall, the beard is the bridge between the mind and heart, thoughts and actions, theory and practice. So we don't cut the beard, but rather let it flow freely.

It also happens to make a good place to catch spilled coffee before it hits the cool shirts they're giving out at the conferences.

The Rogues Gallery

Bonus points for the beardy caricature on his badge.
This fine red beard brought back memories of my Norse History classes.
Red eyes from the red eye, and a solid tangle of chin hair.
A couple good muttonchops more than makes up for the lack of chin cover.
An appropriate pose helps immensely too.
While not a beard, any good homage to Rollie Fingers will get our attention.
This guy can read me The Giving Tree any time he wants.
It's hard to pull off the no 'stache look. This stoic fellow does it nicely.
While we're not usually a fan of the chin strap, the sweet spike at the bottom pulled it all together.

## The Winner

I'm tempted to say "'nuff said", but that would be a disservice to such a stellar specimen. From the eerily inky blackness, to the perfectly coifed Princeton cut up top, this guy brought a refreshing composure to the conferences. We didn't get his name (if you haven't noticed, DEF CON attendees tend to enjoy anonymity), but if he wants to get in touch, we'd be happy to ship him some Duo swag.

All in all, it was an amazingly beardy crew. Keep it up!

[And of course, an honorable mention to Jack Daniel, for best beard ever, we just couldn't find him for a picture.]