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Decipher: Ushering in a New Era of InfoSec Reporting

Take a look at infosecurity-related headlines today, and you’ll probably see:

  • Large-scale PII (personally identifiable information) breach reported at $company
  • $nationstate adversary targeting critical infrastructure in $country
  • A new poorly-branded vulnerability has been announced
  • Yet another Flash 0-day is being exploited in the wild, and so on.

How about the last security advertisement you saw on television or in the airport? Did it involve ominous lines of code, hooded faceless hackers or messages of “it’s already too late?”

Transactional breach-du-jour pieces and scare tactic advertising that spread FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) contribute negatively to an industry that is already defeatist in attitude ("the attackers are already in, what are you going to do?," "it's not a matter of if, but when," etc).

We know there’s a better way.

Security Without Fear

At Duo, our mission has always been bigger and broader than being just a vendor delivering security products to protect organizations. To paraphrase the L0pht motto, we want to make a dent in the universe and have an enduring, positive impact on the security industry. We've always felt that there was a larger opportunity and responsibility to inform and entertain through an independent media outlet.

Decipher is a new effort to do just that. Besides literally deciphering what's happening in security, Decipher is intentionally taking a different, more positive approach. We want to highlight the progress that the industry is making as a whole: celebrating the wins, profiling the individuals and teams that are making a difference, and noting the culture and context that makes our industry a special thing to be a part of.

We have an incredible team of editors, journalists, and creators on staff, but also hope to highlight contributors from the community that are already producing amazing content and research.

We hope that Decipher will represent a fresh approach: one that is authentic, approachable, inclusive, positive, and practical in nature.

We're excited and proud to support Decipher in that mission. And we hope you'll join us in fostering a new kind of security media.

-- Dug and Jono