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Duo Security Talks Michigan Tech Growth on the Michigan Business Network

Dug Song, Co-Founder and CEO of Duo Security was featured on the Michigan Business Network’s Michigan in Motion radio show, explaining Duo Security’s role in growing the Michigan tech industry over the last four years.

Dug described Duo’s growth from its start with just three employees to 50 by the end of this year, with an anticipated 100 by next year. He also described how Duo supports a wide variety of clients including Facebook and many retail organizations as they attempt to guard against targeted Internet attacks.

When it comes to the security industry, Dug detailed how Duo’s engineers have a security-mindset that requires them to think outside the box - including thinking about ways in which systems can be made to break in order to design stronger security controls. Security is one of the fastest-growing segments within the IT industry. While previously, criminals targeted banks, they’re now targeting organizations online, as that’s where all of their company assets can be found.

Dug also explained how the Ann Arbor community provides an ideal location for Duo Security to grow, including the large University of Michigan engineer community that provides a great pool of talent. He also stated that the Midwest is the right place to build a company for the long haul, with dedicated engineers and employees. What’s in store for Duo? Dug describes how Duo expects a rapid rate of growth in Michigan while disrupting the industry with new security technology innovation.

Listen to the rest of the Michigan Business Network’s interview with Dug to hear his advice on how to grow a successful tech company in Michigan.

Michigan Business Network: Michigan in Motion

Aired November 20, 2013

Part 1 - Dug Describes Duo Security’s History and Michigan Business Growth

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