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How to Easily Protect Against the Trident iOS Vulnerabilities

Now that the iPhone 7 has been released, Apple’s first remote jailbreak exploit seems like yesterday’s news. However, our recent data shows that approximately 80% of users are still using iOS version 9.3.4 and below, making them susceptible to three vulnerabilities, nicknamed Trident. These vulnerabilities install a backdoor allowing the attacker the potential for complete remote compromise of your iOs device. The Pegasus spyware can access your texts, photos, camera and microphone, and manipulate your data.

Don’t let users with compromised iOS devices put your organization at risk. You can prevent users running out-of-date iOS devices from accessing your corporate network and sensitive applications without the use of an agent. Through our new access control policies, administrators can either auto-update their policy to block any users who are not up-to-date, or block based on a specific version:

Use access control policies to block users running outdated devices

Once the policy is set, Duo blocks authentication attempts coming from outdated iOS devices. Blocked users are notified from their auth prompt via their web browser, informing them that their device is out-of-date:

Blocked uers are notified from their auth prompt via their web browser, informing them that their device is out-of-date

Mobile restrictions On the mobile side, end users get the following notification so they can remediate the problem from their device:

iOS devices below 9.3.5 put your organization at critical risk because attackers can remotely jailbreak an employee’s phone and gather sensitive information about the user and your organization. Duo lets you seamlessly set policies and close the loop on these three vulnerabilities.

If you haven’t done it already, it takes only a few minutes to see all vulnerable devices in your organization and set the correct security policy - all for free through our 30-day trial. Get started now.