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NEU SecLab & Duo Security Develop Free App that Fixes Android Master Key Vulnerability

A common complaint against the Android platform is the control that carriers have when it comes to managing updates, especially ones related to security vulnerabilities. This control can cause a gap in protection for many consumers while carriers go through their often lengthy process to provide fixes for known issues that could allow for attackers to compromise user data or install malware.

If you're an Android user, you've likely heard about the Android Master Key vulnerability identified by Bluebox. While some security issues may only affect one version of Android or a specific phone, Bluebox noted that this issue could affect up to 900 million devices! Because of the shear scope of this issue and the potential for a user's phone to become completely compromised by an attacker leveraging this vulnerability, Duo Security and Northeastern University's SecLab quickly collaborated to provide a solution to the masses.

ReKey is a mobile app that users are able to download and run that will provide protection from the Android Master Key vulnerability. If your phone doesn't currently have an update available from your carrier to protect you from this critical issue, ReKey is your best protection!

If you're curious to read more about our collaboration with NEU SecLab, check out our press release regarding ReKey. If you want to protect your own Android device, you can download ReKey from Google Play.