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Customer Chronicles: Securing State and Local Government Agencies with Strong MFA

This report examines::

  • The unique cybersecurity standards that state and local government agencies must meet and how they stay compliant
  • What common security challenges state and local governments face and how they have lowered costs and reduced risk
  • Real security use cases from a consolidated city-county, a department of health, a major city and a police department
  • How departments with a limited budget can increase the security of their systems and devices through zero trust
  • Successful outcomes that integrate a seamless software agnostic solution with strong protection for both cloud and on-premises applications
  • How some state and local government agencies are using multi-factor authentication (MFA) to secure their environments

State and Local Government Agencies Need Modern Security

Protecting sensitive data and maintaining cybersecurity hygiene are top concerns for security professionals and CISOs from state and local government agencies. Government networks contain sensitive data such as social security numbers, voter registration, medical records, bank account and credit card numbers of millions of people and businesses, which can make them an attractive target for attackers. With the increasing sophistication of cyberattacks and the lack of resources at their disposal, the IT departments across these agencies are looking for a single solution to quickly secure a variety of devices and applications both in the cloud and on-premises.

Strong Security State and Local Government Agencies Can Afford

A common hurdle for many agencies is finding a cybersecurity solution that lowers the TCO (total cost of ownership) while being easy to use, compliant, software agnostic and capable of rapid deployment. Agencies are challenged by their unique requirements and limited budgets. In this report you will read about the specific challenges different types of agencies faced and how they achieved positive outcomes.

Download "Customer Chronicles: Securing State and Local Government Agencies with Strong MFA" now and see how your state or local government agency can modernize their cyber protection with minimal investment.

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