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Block Unwanted Access with Duo Trusted Endpoints May 17th Americas

Protect your organization's most valuable data and applications with Duo Trusted Endpoints, which allows you to block access from unknown devices and permit access only to trusted devices.

In this on-demand webinar you'll learn:

  • What's new in Duo's recently announced product changes
  • Why you need multi-layered defenses for strong security
  • How to leverage new features in your secure access deployment to reduce your risk of breaches

As attackers' techniques become more sophisticated, a multi-layered defense system is crucial. With Duo Trusted Endpoints administrators can manage device access, adding an extra layer of security to block unmanaged or untrusted devices.

Previously available only in Duo’s highest management suite, Trusted Endpoints is now accessible to Essentials and Advantage customers. In this webinar, you will learn how these changes can help you prevent advanced malicious access attempts. Discover how secure access features can reduce your risk of breaches, safely enable hybrid work, and improve workforce productivity while reducing administrative burden.

Join Ray Provan, Technical Solutions Architect, Cisco Global Security Engineering, to learn the latest in Cisco Duo's evolving access management suite, as Cisco continues to ensure that "if it's connected, it's protected!”

Presenter Info

Ray Provin headshot
Ray Provan

Ray Provan is an experienced Systems Engineer / Solutions Architect with his career spanning multiple technical domains as well as management. His expertise encompasses cybersecurity, networking, cloud, SaaS, DevOps and compliance disciplines. Provan has also supported the enterprise, service provider and Federal verticals. At Cisco, Ray is a Duo Technical Solutions Architect and he helps enable internal teams to best position Duo and customers to maximize value from Duo’s capabilities.