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Financial Services Security

Securing Access to Financial Data

Secure financial data and online transactions, and meet FFIEC guidelines with Duo’s Trusted Access solution.

FFIEC Security

Verify users’ identities and check device security health to keep financial data and online transactions out of the hands of criminals. The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) provides authentication standards and recommendations for stronger online banking security for financial institutions.

Duo’s Trusted Access solution can help you comply with FFIEC guidelines and protect access to sensitive applications and financial data.

Layered Security Controls

In their authentication guide, the FFIEC recommended that institutions should no longer rely on one form of customer authentication to protect online transactions, bank accounts, sensitive communications or privileged user access.

As the FFIEC stated, criminals may use man-in-the-middle attacks to circumvent one-time passcode tokens.

Duo verifies your users’ identities with strong two-factor authentication, offering a more secure method of authentication that is resilient against man-in-the-middle attacks - push notifications sent via our Duo Mobile app.

Advanced Device Access Policies

To ensure Trusted Devices, Duo’s solution checks every device as they log into your environment to ensure they’re running the latest software, with security features enabled to protect against vulnerabilities by blocking risky devices.

Our advanced device access policies allow you to establish and enforce stronger controls to block authentication attempts based on location or anonymous networks, including VPN proxies.

Simple device identification as a primary control is no longer considered an effective risk mitigation technique according to the FFIEC, since criminals can use proxies to hide their actual location and commit fraud while posing as a legitimate user.

Every Application

Duo’s Trusted Access platform supports all popular applications, including VPNs, remote access gateways, on-premises and cloud-based applications and more. Duo also offers APIs to cover custom and proprietary banking and financial software.

We enable you to ensure Every Application is protected with application-specific access controls and secure single sign-on (SSO), a simple way to access your cloud applications.

Trusted Access

Duo ensures Trusted Users and Trusted Devices to protect Every Application.

This complete security solution, Trusted Access, prevents modern attackers that often target multiple areas - including credential theft and the exploitation of known software vulnerabilities affecting outdated software versions.

  • “Duo is easy to set up, easy to implement, and easy for the users to register and use.”

    — Tom Burns, IT Senior Vice President, Sterling Bank
  • “Duo has been great for us. They had all the resources, integrations, and flexibility we needed and we’ve had no issues whatsoever. I will continue to use it and recommend it to others. It’s so easy.”

    — Robert Lavigne, IT Security and Compliance Manager, CFFBank
  • “I have done countless implementations of various systems and services over the years and the implementation of Duo’s 2FA solution was easily one of the most simple and quick that I have ever been a part of. I had Duo’s 2FA solution implemented and working with our VPN in about 30 minutes.”

    — Mickey Twyford, Assistant Vice President Network Operations, Citizens Union Bank

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