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Duo Service Reliability and COVID-19

As a cloud-first company, Duo Security is well-prepared to continue providing the robust service you depend on, even as organizations, including ours, adjust to working during the spread of novel coronavirus, also referred to as COVID-19.

Here’s how we are addressing service reliability during this time:

Duo Security maintains a robust business continuity and disaster recovery plan.

We employ a range of capabilities that make our business largely independent of any physical working location. 

As Duo employees transition to working from home to limit their potential for exposure to coronavirus, our development, sales, customer support, and other operational teams and systems are continuing to work together to meet our standard for service.

We are in close communication with our cloud and service partners, and they are also prepared to maintain service continuity.

When we onboard cloud partners and services that we depend upon, we carefully vet their business continuity and disaster recovery plans to make sure they are similarly prepared for emergencies or service disruptions. We are in regular communication with our partners in service hosting, telephony, and others, and are confident in their ability to handle this situation.

We offer detailed documentation about service reliability and business continuity, including how Duo can support your organization’s resiliency.

You can find more information on how Duo’s cloud architecture and product development processes are designed to ensure high availability in our Service Reliability whitepaper.

To learn more about how Duo applications support resilient configurations and to understand your organization’s options in the event of an outage, please review the Duo Guide to Business Continuity Preparedness. This guide is also available in SpanishFrenchGerman, and Japanese.

We are ready to scale to meet customer need as more organizations transition to working from home.

Duo already builds in latent capacity to all our deployments so we can be ready to handle an unexpected increase in load. We routinely work with customers who need to enroll thousands of new users in a short period of time, and our monitoring and alerting systems help us learn about any potential capacity issues before they happen.

We are working closely with our hardware token partners to maintain the availability of Duo-branded hardware tokens.

Though Duo is primarily a cloud-based product, we also sell Duo-branded OTP-generating hardware tokens. We are communicating regularly with our manufacturing and shipping partners and remain confident in our hardware token supply chain.

Last updated May 18, 2020

We are here to support you.

If you have any questions or concerns about how Duo can support your organization right now, please reach out to your account representative, Customer Success Manager, or the Duo Support Team. If you’re expanding your use of Duo or using Duo in new ways, you can also find advice from our Customer Success teams on how to scale quickly on the Duo blog.