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Duo Directory Synchronization

Learn about importing Duo users and groups from your existing external directories into Duo.


Organizations with an existing on-premises Microsoft Active Directory domain or a cloud-hosted Azure Active Directory can import users, phones, and groups into Duo with directory synchronization. User information for imported users is updated regularly to reflect the latest user status and associated device information. Deprovision synced users in Duo by disabling the external directory accounts or removing those users from the synced groups.

Active Directory Synchronization

Duo imports users via LDAP from Active Directory domains. When configuring AD sync, you'll need to install the Duo Authentication Proxy application on a domain-joined Windows server.

AD Sync Network Diagram

Learn more about Active Directory synchronization.

Azure AD Synchronization

Duo imports users directly from Azure, without any additional on-premises software installation.

Azure Sync Network Diagram

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