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Cisco Duo + Ivanti

Ivanti makes it possible for organizations to support an everywhere workplace from any device, including BYO. With Duo + Ivanti integrations, organizations are able to create a zero-trust framework by verifying who is accessing an application, is their device managed, what is the security posture of their device and apply detailed access policies. To learn more about Ivanti, Visit

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Securing Your Remote Access

Ivanti Connect Secure (formerly Pulse Secure) integrates with Duo to provide strong user authentication and device security hygiene check before allowing VPN access. Now, you can easily deploy strong authentication for remote access across your network without needing to update your applications and services. Reducing risk of a data breach and meeting compliance requirements.

Secure and Easily Manage Devices

Ivanti + Duo together secure your sensitive applications by ensuring only trusted devices can access Duo protected services. You can monitor access to your applications from managed and unmanaged devices, and optionally block access from devices not managed by your organization. Duo supports Ivanti Neurons for MDM, Ivanti Endpoint Manager Mobile, and Ivanti Endpoint Manager (formerly LANDESK)

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