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Remote Access Integrations

Duo's modern remote access protects every application, so your users can continue working with the tools they love. Discover Duo for Epic EHR and Microsoft products.

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Modern Remote Access with the Duo Network Gateway

The Duo Network Gateway ensures secure access for all. From onsite employees to remote workers and contractors, Duo can help each authorized user access your organization’s websites, web applications and SSH and RDP servers...all without a need for VPN connection. 

To determine whether to grant access to an application or service, Duo first verifies a person’s identity and establishes device trust on a unified platform. This means that users can consistently and easily access all of the applications they need, all while effectively verifying their identity behind the scenes.

With Duo Central, navigation to each and every allowed application is quick and organized, and with Duo Single Sign-On (SSO), forgotten passwords can become a thing of the past. 

Your organization can quickly and easily eliminate the common pitfalls that come with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) (and remote work as a whole!) with the help of Duo Network Gateway!

Duo Network Gateway Integrations

The Duo Network Gateway provides secure, VPN-less remote access to on-premises websites, web applications, SSH and RDP servers, and more. You name it — Duo protects it.

Web Apps

Protect access to your popular web applications for websites, blogs and team collaboration with Duo.

We verify the identities of your users with two-factor authentication (2FA) and check the security health of their devices before granting access to your web applications.

You can use Duo Security’s Web SDK to easily integrate with Drupal, Splunk, Confluence, Jira, Shibboleth and more. We offer client libraries for Python, Ruby, Classic ASP, Java and more.


Duo supports enterprise Microsoft environments like RDP, OWA, and Office 365. 


Securing local SSH and remote UNIX logins, Duo helps optimize security in the full scope of production, development, and testing environments. 

Duo’s UNIX integration is open source, and installation on distributions like Linux, BSD, Solaris and AIX is easy and painless. 

Cisco Duo + Epic

Secure your EHR systems with Duo to help contain, mediate, and eliminate the risks commonly associated with BYOD. Personal, employee-owned devices can be detected and managed, ensuring that only trusted and healthy devices can access confidential data.

Custom Applications

It only takes a few lines of code to integrate Duo with existing login pages, thanks to our extensive Web libraries. Duo delivers an iframe that helps you expedite user enrollment, authentication, and management on every type of platform, from Java to Go. 

Admin, Auth and REST APIs

Duo makes web services accessible via REST API’s, making the two-factor authentication (2FA) user interface customizable. 

Check out Duo’s REST API sample source codes here!

With Duo, you can enroll any device, list the user-associated devices, modify device use and access, and quickly obtain logs, bypass codes, and so much more!

Identity Providers and Federation

The Duo Network Gateway integrates with your existing federation server, or IdP(cloud identity provider), automatically securing each of its affiliated/connected applications.

Duo’s MFA solution works seamlessly with federation services like Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) and a wide spectrum of IdP’s like OneLogin, Centrify, and Okta, to name a few. 

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