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As a financial institution dealing with banking transactions, CFFBank needed to satisfy regulatory requirements with two-factor authentication. In addition, they needed an easy-to-use two factor solution that would integrate seamlessly with their Cisco AnyConnect client, their Citrix VPN, and Citrix Netscaler. Robert Lavigne, IT Security and Compliance Manager, CFFBank, heard about Duo at a Rapid7 conference and did a bit of research to see if Duo was worth evaluating. Spoiler alert: it was.


“Duo was the flexible and agile solution we needed for a company that’s quickly moving to the cloud, as we are,” said Robert. “The flexibility of being able to turn two-factor on for different VPN services, Netscaler, and Citrix, as needed, and on-the-fly is key for us. Not only that, but Duo is constantly upgrading and improving their product, and that’s the sort of agility we need.”

For administrators, that sort of flexibility gives Duo an advantage over the legacy authentication vendors. Duo’s trusted device and networks functionality offers administrative and IT staff the customized security controls they need for their organization.

Robert pointed out that Duo’s website was also a factor in his decision to choose their solution over the rest: “Duo’s well-designed website demonstrates an attention to detail that I didn’t see from the other two-factor authentication vendors that we evaluated, their detailed documentation and system compatibility was the deciding factor,” he said.

In addition, Robert highlighted Duo’s documentation pages as a major factor for choosing them, alongside the breadth of easily understandable information available on Duo’s website.

What was deployment of Duo like for CFFBank?

After new users were deployed with Duo, Robert notes that there were no complaints about Duo. Things have been quiet.

“Duo has been great for us,” said Robert. “They had all the resources, integrations, and flexibility we needed and we’ve had no issues whatsoever. I will continue to use it and recommend it to others. It’s so easy.”

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