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The Challenge

Of course, as a financial institution, CUB must comply with regulations like GLBA, PCI, and FFIEC guidelines to name a few. “Auditors and regulators have constantly talked about multifactor authentication as a must-have over the years,” said Mickey Twyford, Assistant Vice President Network Operations at Citizens Union Bank. Knowing that the company was planning to expand their remote access program in the coming years, Mickey realized he had to act fast and he needed an authentication solution that he could implement quickly as well.

After testing several open source two-factor authentication solutions, as well as Google Authenticator, Mickey found that the process was cumbersome and sometimes required product or system downgrades that actually would have introduced CUB’s network to some known security vulnerabilities. He realized he needed an easy to use and administer solution, as he didn’t have a team of developers at his disposal. “I decided I had to bite the bullet and buy a solution with built-in integrations instead,” said Mickey.

The Requirements

CUB needed out-of-the-box support for AD Sync, Citrix, and Checkpoint. In addition, the solution they chose needed to satisfy regulations, be easy to use, and quick to deploy. Mickey needed two-factor authentication that was easy to manage, as he’s a team of one, managing IT and security with very little time to spare.

The Solution

During the evaluation process, Mickey discovered Duo’s Push technology and fell in love with the idea -- “No other solutions are as flexible and easy to use. Duo is similar to RSA, but without the annoying tokens you have to carry with you all the time.”

Duo’s Push technology ensures that access is secured quickly and painlessly for employees and contractors. “Between the overall flexibility, Push notifications, and the fact that there’s no need to reconfigure VPN clients,” said Mickey, “Duo won our business.”

Duo has no access to user credentials

In addition to the general flexibility and ease of use, Mickey appreciated that Duo’s two-factor solution was built with security top of mind. “Duo never has access to user’s credentials, which is huge,” said Mickey. Because actual credentials never leave the network or their applications in order for Duo to authenticate a user, there’s no need for shared secrets.

Increased productivity

In addition to upping their security hygiene, CUB has seen a huge increase in productivity now that they can safely allow remote access to their employees. “Our employees can get more work done using home computers and while traveling,” said Mickey, ”since we can now be flexible in our own approach to securing remote access.”

“We’ve been really pleased with everything Duo has been able to provide for us; Duo has all of the functionality that we need and has done so in a way that is completely painless. From install to production Duo’s service and support has been nothing short of amazing. I have done countless implementations of various systems and services over the years and the implementation of Duo’s 2FA solution was easily one of the most simple and quick that I have ever been a part of. I had Duo’s 2FA solution implemented and working with our VPN in about 30 minutes,” said Mickey.

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