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The Challenge

With high-profile users storing sensitive data within Clarient’s systems, Clarient needs to ensure that this information is secure from data breaches, phishing, or man-in-the-middle attacks. To this end, Clarient needed to partner with a modern two-factor authentication provider to help deliver security and data privacy for their users.

As a service provider of clients that are subject to regulatory requirements, Clarient was seeking a cost effective, reliable security solution that would meet stringent security measures and that is user friendly for both employees and clients.

The Solution

From the security requirements that Clarient had laid out, Clarient selected Duo based on its comprehensive view on security.

Duo Platform offers Clarient much more than just Duo Push - its flagship, mobile phone out-of-band two-factor solution. Platform provides Clarient with an added visibility into the devices its clients are using to access their corporate data, which offers Clarient the opportunity to create policies to allow or restrict access from those personal devices.

In addition, Clarient is able to see where its users are authenticating from, detect any changes or anomalies, and respond accordingly. If a client is logging in from a different location than a location where they normally log in from, the client may be required to take additional security steps before granting access with the use of Duo’s geolocation data. Whereas, Clarient may allow quick access to a client that is logging in from a trusted device that has been previously used from their corporate office location.

A Comprehensive Trusted Access Solution

“As a result of the extensive search for a comprehensive solution, Duo has emerged as a product that offers comprehensive solution, seamless integration and excellent customer support,” said Natalia Kory, Chief Technology Officer at Clarient. “The implementation of Duo Platform was quick, efficient, and in accordance with our customers’ requirements.”

Easy for Both Clients and Administrators

As a security vendor, we know that most users dislike having barriers in their way while they’re trying to work, and security is often seen as that barrier. While corporate leadership is beginning to understand the need for security, their employees usually do not.

Note: Duo's Platform Edition is now known as Duo Access - with even more features. Please visit our Pricing page to view our latest editions.

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