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The Challenge

A longtime Duo customer, Eastridge started to use Duo’s multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution to prevent unauthorized access to work applications. They choose Duo for all their on-premise applications, such as Citrix NetScaler Gateway, Palo Alto VPN and Remote Desktop.

Recently, Eastridge started deploying cloud applications to increase worker productivity and reduce the cost of managing on-premise servers and applications. However, IT noted that with cloud applications the end users’ overall productivity actually reduced. They had to visit specific application pages, enter the credentials for that application, and repeat the process for each applications they wanted to access – a cumbersome and time-consuming process.

Additionally, IT was concerned about end users sharing or downloading corporate data on personal devices. For example, if a user’s laptop was compromised or lost, an attacker would gain access to all of Eastridge’s sensitive files and documents.

“Since IT didn’t have any visibility into end-user devices, we were unable to tell how end users accessed our corporate applications, especially our file-sharing application, Egnyte,” Galo explained.

The Solution

Duo’s secure single sign-on (SSO) combined with best-in-class MFA reduced Eastridge employees’ time spent on accessing applications, and provided IT full control over which users and devices should be given access.

Increase End-User Productivity

At Eastridge, Duo was already deployed for all end users.

“Our users love Duo. Using Duo Push to approve authentication is like magic. The instant I approve the notification on my smartphone, I am granted access into my application,” Galo said.

When Galo learned that Duo offers secure single sign-on (SSO), he was able to get IT to approve the product easily.

“We trust Duo. We know it will be easy to deploy and use.”

Within a day, Eastridge’s IT was able to set up and deploy secure SSO. Because end users already used MFA, IT was able to provide consistent experience when accessing cloud applications. With Duo’s Secure SSO, users had to sign in just once to access all cloud applications. With Duo, overall productivity improved significantly, since users were required to remember just a single username and password.

Preventing BYOD Risks

IT wanted to control how personal devices gained access to sensitive data and applications – specifically Egnyte, where employees share internal files related to product, marketing, finance and more. Without visibility into personal devices, there was potential for out-of-date devices to access Egynte. One of the solutions IT proposed was to shut off remote access altogether and only allow access to Egnyte from the company intranet. However, this limited employees’ ability to work from home or over weekends.

Galo said, “Certain use cases made shutting off remote access to Egnyte a no-go. For example: What if a salesperson wanted to close a deal on a weekend, but wasn’t able to access Egnyte and download order forms?”

However, Duo’s secure SSO solved the problem. When employees logged into Duo’s Secure SSO to access Egnyte, it checked whether the end user’s device was corporate-owned or a personal device. A corporate owned-device was granted access to the application, but if a personal device was detected, it was instantly blocked from getting access to Egnyte.

Eastridge is looking to add other cloud applications behind secure SSO, such as AWS and Google. The Secure SSO provides IT with the confidence to roll out new cloud applications faster and with a consistent set of policies for all applications.

Would Eastridge recommend Duo?

Galo said, “With Duo, we are able to solve several problems and consolidate several projects, such as MFA, SSO, Endpoint and Mobile Visibility, while reducing our overall security risks.”

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