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Managed Services

The team at MNX Solutions manages the critical systems and applications for companies within all types of industries, ranging from online commerce to financial services. Not only do they have to maintain hundreds of systems for different customers, but they also have to help secure those customers from potential threats. Realizing that a compromise of their own systems could be an entry point for an attacker to takeover customers was an unacceptable risk for the team. After trying a number of two-factor solutions, MNX settled on Duo Security for the ease of integration and affordable cost.

Attacks From All Directions

Strong security controls aren’t just a nice-to-have, but a requirement, when a breach can affect your company and dozens of others in one fell swoop. With the addition of Duo Security's two-factor platform into the mix, MNX was able to stop having to worry about a potential password compromise leading to a large-scale breach of customers. MNX was able to strengthen the authentication of systems most at risk for an attack by utilizing two-factor authentication throughout.

Custom and Standard Integrations

MNX Solutions made valuable use of some standard Duo integrations (SSH, WordPress, and SSL VPNs), and even went a step further to create customized integrations with the flexible Duo platform. Since Duo provides many open-source libraries to leverage, MNX was able to create a custom Django web application secured with two-factor authentication in a couple of hours.

One Solution, Many Customers

The ongoing challenge of being a great managed services provider is to suggest and implement solutions for customers that will allow them to get the best out of their technology. Beyond utilizing Duo Security for in-house needs, MNX has also deployed it across over a hundred customer systems as well. The decision by MNX to implement Duo Security has drawn praise from their customers for being proactive with security decisions to protect systems from attackers.

The Results: Security & Flexibility

After over three years as a Duo customer, MNX Solutions is still deploying Duo Security whenever possible and continues to appreciate the easy integrations and flexible two-factor methods that Duo provides, especially Duo Push. Through consistent usage of Duo Security, MNX Solutions has yet to see a single account get compromised on a Duo-secured server.

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