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Business Challenges

As an MSP to global financial services companies, it is critical that Options Technology provides their clients with the best cybersecurity offering to ensure that they meet regulatory compliance requirements such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), PCI DSS and the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) Cybersecurity Regulations.

Options partnered with Duo to fix the challenges they had with their existing multi-factor authentication (MFA) products: they wanted to find a unified MFA and single sign-on (SSO) solution that would easily integrate with any application hosted in their private cloud platform as well as public cloud SaaS services, while also providing deep insights into their mobile and endpoint devices.

They wanted a solution that was easy for clients to self-enroll, easy to use and easy to administer, that would also help reduce help desk tickets and offered a pricing model that would scale with their clients’ growth.

“As an MSP to the Financial Services vertical, it is of utmost importance that we provide our clients with a market-beating cybersecurity offering. Duo has helped us deliver the strongest possible benchmark of security that we could create for our client base. We believe so much in Duo that we provide it to all clients on our platform,” said John Bryant, Chief Technology Officer.

Options Technology had been using RSA security fobs as their primary MFA product and had explored the use of Yubikey products. They found RSA delivered a poor end-user experience, wasn’t able to integrate with all of their application stack and generated a lot of help desk tickets.

“2FA was previously a very large contributor to our help desk ticket total each month. It wasn’t easy for new users to self-enroll, they generally had a poor user experience and it was difficult to administer. We were looking for a best in class MFA and SSO that would lower admin costs while providing a great end-user experience,” said Bryant. With the difficulty of self-enrollment and a pricing model that didn’t scale with growing companies, Options felt RSA was not a good fit for a managed service provider.

“RSA didn’t give us the ability to scale with our customers’ growth as their model required up-front capital expenditure and support costs for a fixed term security product. This was in stark contrast to the utility pricing model we offer to clients, and for that reason, we prefer Duo’s on-demand pricing model; a perfect fit for an MSP,” Bryant said.

Reporting is the lifeline for meeting regulatory compliance and audit requirements. Options wanted reporting transparency that could give them deeper insights into the laptops, mobile devices and tablets used to access the apps in the Options Technology platform. They were running MobileIron for mobile device management (MDM) and needed a solution that would integrate with it.

“Duo easily integrated with our applications and even gave us better reporting then we were getting from our MDM tool, but it went beyond the mobile devices. Duo gives us rich information on all connecting devices whether servers, desktops, laptops, tablets or handheld devices,” Bryant noted. Options uses Splunk as their SIEM and Data Analytics tool. Duo also easily integrates with the Splunk dashboard, providing it with a rich data stream on mobile devices, laptops and tablets, which allowed Options Technology to develop real-time, weekly and monthly reporting to meet industry compliance and audit requirements.

Technical Challenges

Options Technology provides managed services from its global private cloud platform, combining data center hosted infrastructure with SaaS applications, virtual servers and datasets hosted within public clouds. Options wanted the ability to secure all applications with consistent security controls. Having encountered difficulties integrating their incumbent two-factor solution with their application stack, including their multi-tenant deployments of Citrix NetScaler and OWA (Outlook Web Application), Options recognized both material time, administration and cost savings thanks to the ease in which Duo integrated with all of the apps on the Options Technology platform.

“When we started testing Duo, it was one of those eureka moments. We were left wondering why we had invested so much effort with the previous technology components, once we saw what we were able to achieve with Duo in a relatively short space of time. We continued to see the same ease of integration with their native integration into Active Directory and across our all of the apps in our technology stack,” added Bryant.

“With Duo, we were able to bring consistent security controls across all of our apps by streamlining to one MFA and SSO solution at a much lower total cost of ownership…. Our clients are able to easily self-enroll, deploy 2FA and SSO against their own applications, regardless of where they’re hosted, and Duo nearly halved our 2FA-related support workload,” Bryant said.

The Solution

Options Technology purchases Duo Access for all of their clients for MFA and SSO and has secured over 30 applications to date.

“As an MSP, Duo helped provide a high-level baseline of security and reporting for our clients, they lowered our overheads and almost halved our 2FA-related support tickets. Our CSTAT scores have gone through the roof since we started using Duo,” Bryant said. “It may not be all Duo, but it played a big part in scores of 4.87 out of 5. We loved Duo’s speed to security, the experience working with their subject matter experts, the time and money we save with the ease of integration, and the overall end-user experience.”

Options was amazed at how agile of an organization Duo was, whether integrating apps with pre-built APIs, guiding them through complex deployment models or listening to and responding to their needs as an MSP.

“We had a suggestion for when someone called the help desk for Duo Push MFA to be sent to verify that person’s identity. To see Duo launch Duo Push for Help Desk a few months later is a testament to how they really listen to their customers and how agile a company they are,” Bryant added.

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