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Duo Advantage Overview

Last Updated: May 6th, 2024

Duo Advantage, formerly Duo Access, adds policy and control over which users, devices, and networks may access your organization's applications. It analyzes user behavior, location, and device parameters and gives you the power to set more precise authentication policies. This lets you better secure your users without inconveniencing them.


The major features of Duo Advantage include:

Policy & Control

Duo Advantage helps you to reduce risk by enforcing precise policies and controls. Enable your team to define and enforce rules on who can access what applications — under what conditions. Define access policies by user group and per application to increase security without compromising end-user experience. Learn more about Policy & Control.

Device Insight

Decentralization of device management and the rise of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) can leave administrators wondering how users are accessing resources. The Device Insight dashboards show which OS platforms, devices, and browsers connect to your Duo protected applications and services. See at a glance how many systems have out of date or vulnerable software. Learn more about Device Insight.


Review operating system, browser, and third-party plugin version information for end user devices accessing Duo. Enable self-remediation to notify users to update browsers and plugins. Prevent access to your protected applications from clients with outdated software. Block known endpoints from accessing resources. Some controls available without installing additional agents or monitors. Learn more about Endpoints.

Duo Desktop

Extend your control over which Windows and macOS devices can access organizational resources based on the security posture of the device. Duo Desktop verifies a device's compliance with your configurable trust policy during log in and blocks access from unhealthy systems. Duo Desktop also enhances the endpoint information available to administrators with additional details about the device. Learn more about Duo Desktop.

Trust Monitor

Surface and monitor anomalous authentication behavior. Create a custom risk profile to focus on applications, users, or locations that matter most. Examine detailed risk factors for events to determine which are actionable for your organization. Learn more about Trust Monitor.

Risk-Based Authentication

Duo’s Risk-Based Authentication automatically detects and mitigates commonly known attack patterns and high-risk anomalies to provide a higher level of security without compromising end-user experience. Learn more about Risk-Based Authentication.

Duo Passport

Streamline application access for your users. Share remembered device sessions between your applications when accessed from a browser or from a desktop client with Duo Passport, Duo Desktop, and a remembered devices policy applied to applications. Learn more about Duo Passport.

Duo Identity Security

Powered by Cisco Identity Intelligence, Duo Identity Security provides you with insights, signals, and remediation features across your multi-vendor identity environment. Learn more about Duo Identity Security.

Other Features

Duo Advantage includes all the features from the Duo Essentials edition, such as:

How to Experience Duo Advantage

Existing customers can upgrade to Duo Advantage by choosing it on the Billing page of your account. New customers receive a 30-day free Duo Advantage trial when you sign up for Duo.