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Duo Platform Overview

Regain control over how your applications and data are being accessed with Duo Platform! Duo Platform adds policy and control over which users, devices, and networks are permitted to access organization applications. It analyzes user behavior, location, and device parameters and gives you the power to set more precise authentication policies. This lets you better secure your users without inconveniencing them.


The four major features of Duo Platform include:

  • Policy & Control
  • Device Insight
  • Endpoints
  • Duo Access Gateway

Upon upgrading to Duo Platform, you’ll find three new tabs, Policies, Device Insight, and Endpoints.

Platform Tabs

We've also added new options under the "Applications" menu that work with Duo Access Gateway.

Platform Tabs

Policy & Control

Duo Platform helps you to reduce risk by enforcing precise policies and controls. Enable your team to define and enforce rules on who can access what applications — under what conditions. Define access policies by user group and per application to increase security without compromising end-user experience. Learn more about Policy & Control.

Device Insight

Decentralization of device management and the rise of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) can leave administrators wondering how users are accessing resources. The Device Insight dashboards show which OS platforms, devices, and browsers connect to your Duo protected applications and services. See at a glance who many systems have out of date or vulnerable software. Learn more about Device Insight.


Review operating system, browser, and third-party plugin version information for end user devices accessing Duo. Enable self-remediation to notify users to update browsers and plugins. Prevent access to your protected applications from clients with outdated software. All without installing additional agents or monitors. Learn more about Endpoints.

Duo Access Gateway

Duo Access Gateway (DAG) adds two-factor authentication, complete with inline self-service enrollment and authentication prompt, to popular cloud services like Salesforce and Google Apps using SAML 2.0 federation. Learn more about Duo Access Gateway.

How to Experience Duo Platform

If you're an existing customer who hasn't seen Duo Platform, you're welcome to try it free for 30 days. Upgrade to Duo Platform by choosing it on the Billing page of your account. New customers can sign up for Duo Platform right from the start!

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