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Wyden, Rubio Ask CISA to Assess Threat From Foreign VPN Services

Two senators have asked the director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency to look into the national security threat from foreign-based VPNs.


Q&A: David Scott Lewis

David Scott Lewis was the model for the David Lightman character in WarGames, a true hacker classic.


Safari Removing Do Not Track Support

Apple is eliminating the Do Not Track feature from its Safari browser in version 12.1 and making several other security and privacy changes, as well.

Apple, Privacy

Google Password Checkup Checks For Already Compromised Passwords

Google's Password Checkup Chrome extension tackles the big problem of password reuse by checking what passwords users are using against a database of compromised credentials.

Passwords, Google, Data Breaches

Deciphering Live Free or Die Hard

Dennis Fisher, Zoe Lindsey and Pete Baker break down Live Free or Die Hard in all its hacking glory.

Podcast, Hacker Movies

Mac Malware Looks to Steal Browser Cookies for Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The CookieMiner malware has the ability to steal browser cookies, install a cryptominer, and credentials for cryptocurrency exchanges.


Inside the Development of Netflix Stethoscope

Netflix developed an open-source native app called Stethoscope that is designed to make security configurations simpler and less intrusive.


Severity of FaceTime Bug Depends on Threat Model

Apple is fixing the FaceTime bug, so it is clearly serious. But how bad it will impact users depend on their personal threat models.

Privacy, Vulnerability, Apple, Ios

The Value of Valuing Data and Privacy

To help people understand the scope of the data breach and privacy problem, researchers are beginning to look at it through the lens of economics.

Privacy, Data Breaches

Better Hardware Security Through Automation

A team at the University of North Carolina has developed a tool called Coppelia that can automatically find and build exploits for flaws in hardware designs.


Police Shut Down xDedic Marketplace for Hacked Servers

European law enforcement and the US Department of Justice took the xDedic marketplace, a hotspot for cybercriminals on the dark web, sells access to compromised RDP servers belonging to universities, governments, and private enterprises, offline as part of a joint operation.

Hackers, Government

Decipher Podcast: David Scott Lewis

Dennis Fisher speaks with David Scott Lewis, the model for the David Lightman character in the classic movie WarGames.


DNS Hijacking Campaign Targets Government During Shutdown

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has issued an emergency directive about an ongoing DNS hijacking campaign against federal agencies.


Microsoft Exchange Users Get Admin Rights in Privilege Escalation Attack

A privilege escalation attack that is the combination of known issues and weaknesses with Microsoft Exchange will let users become Domain Administrators. No compromised credentials required.

Microsoft, Security Research, Least Privilege

Deciphering The Net

The Net is a classic '90s movie that gets a lot of technology right and predicts much of what's happened since.

Podcast, Hacker Movies