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Labs Features FAQ


Duo Security customers are familiar with seeing new capabilities added to their service every few weeks. Whether it’s a performance boost, added support for a third-party product, or an entirely new feature, customers may take advantage of these enhancements as soon as they ship. Read about some recent product updates on the blog »

To get new capabilities in the hands of customers even earlier, Duo Security introduced Labs Features.

What are Labs Features?

Labs Features are new product capabilities that are available to all Duo Security MFA customers on an opt-in basis. These features are stable, but they may change or be removed in the future. Labs Features may also be priced and packaged differently if they become generally available.

Enable Labs Features from the Settings page.

Why would I want to use Labs Features?

If you’re interested in taking advantage of the very latest security and usability capabilities, and you’d like to help shape Duo Security’s product roadmap, you should try Labs Features.

What are the current Labs Features?

Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) Tokens

FIDO Ready™ U2F Tokens are a new type of device that allow users to quickly and securely perform second factor authentication via their web browser. Learn more about Duo Security and U2F in this video. Duo Beyond and Duo Access plans already include U2F authentication. Duo MFA customers may enable U2F support via this labs feature.

U2F tokens are compatible with Google Chrome version 41 and above and Opera 40 and above. Enabling U2F tokens will require users to install an extension in Chrome as part of the enrollment process. Users enroll U2F tokens via self-service enrollment.

Enable U2F as an Authentication Method
Settings page of the Duo Admin Panel where U2F tokens may be enabled as an Authentication Method

How long will I be able to use a Labs Feature before it goes away or changes?

Some Labs Features may simply be added to your Duo Edition permanently – in which case you can continue to use it as long as you maintain the same Duo Edition subscription.

For a Labs Feature that is removed, or placed in a different Duo Edition, Duo Security will provide at least 60 days notice before removing a Labs Feature from your account. You will also be notified before any substantial changes in functionality are made to a Labs Feature.

Should I use Labs Features in my production environment?

Labs Features are stable – meaning they have been thoroughly tested – but their functionality, appearance, and inclusion in your current edition may change. Occasionally, a Labs Feature may have dependencies that are outside of Duo Security’s control. They are also not officially supported by the Duo Security Support team.

If you are not comfortable using features in your production environment with these limitations you should not use Labs Features. Please contact us if you have any questions by emailing

What happens if I disable a Labs Feature that I tried?

All Duo MFA customers may enable and disable individual Labs Features at any time. Any settings that were modified while the Labs Feature was enabled will be retained even if it is disabled.

Can I get help with Labs Features from the official Duo Security Support team?

Labs Features are not officially supported, but we would like to hear from you if you are running into any difficulties. Please email us at

Additional Troubleshooting

Need more help? Try searching our Knowledge Base articles or Community discussions. For further assistance, contact Support.

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